A New Perspective on Dance

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Special thanks to Dr. Suzanne Salapa and her dance students for sharing their talents with the Circles team. This morning we recorded some behind the scenes footage of a rehearsal for one of their upcoming performances. To learn more about upcoming dance events at Valencia, click here. ricohthetaThe piece they are rehearsing is titled I Am with You, and it features the Ballet 1 & 2 studentsWe recorded the piece using our Ricoh Theta 360 camera. You may remember us introducing the camera earlier this month with our post on Remote Reality Teaching. Simply put, the RICOH THETA S is a camera with two hemispherical lenses which records in a 360 degree perspective. So, with some thoughtful placement and some very careful dancing, we were able to record the dancers from within the performance.

If this is your first time viewing a YouTube 360 video, make sure you are viewing this post using the Chrome browser. 360 video screen-shot-2016-10-31-at-2-43-36-pmdoesn’t automatically work in all browsers. In Chrome, you can use the direction toggle to move around the image and experience the full 360 perspective.

For a better experience, you should watch the video through your Android device, or through the YouTube app on your iOS device. To do that, click on this link or the video below while viewing this post using your device. You can also use your device to scan the QR code provided here. Don’t have a QR code reader? qrcodedance16 Click here to learn how to get one.

If you really want to be part of the performance, you should try viewing it with a joygeekheadsetGoogle Cardboard viewer. Google Cardboard will give you the full VR 360 experience. Don’t know where to get Google Cardboard? Not to worry, classroom sets will be coming to a campus near you soon. Enjoy the performance!

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