Interactive Campus Tours with 360 Video

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Special Thanks to Hannah and Jacob for their help in this short proof of concept test.

Today we tested the use of YouTube End Screen Annotations to make 360 videos interactive for viewers. By placing end screens in the end of a 360 video, viewers have the ability to jump from one 360 video to another. The links can lead them to other related videos of interest or even to the Circles of Innovation website for follow up. This means that we now have the abilityqrcode-wp360tour to make our 360 experiences interactive for viewers; we will now have to think of fun storylines that can make the best use of this type of interaction. We can create choose your own stories, interactive video quizzes, campus orientations and museum walkthroughs and much much more. The one drawback to using this method is that videos have to be a minimum of 25 seconds in length to be eligible for this feature. This is a problem because the quick tests we shot today were short, but we are learning. To experience our interactive 360 video, simply watch below, or you can click here or scan the QR code above with your phone and experience things on your smart device. (if you are using an iPhone, please make sure you have the YouTube app installed. Android phones should play the content natively). Enjoy!


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