Digi-Know about Texting Games?

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It may have once been true that computer games encouraged us to interact more with machines than with each other. But if you still think of gamers as loners, then you’re not playing games.

The quote above comes from Jane McGonigal, the author of Reality is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World. You may also recognize her as the TEDster that got the entire TED audience to their feet for a lively game of Massive Multi-player Thumb Wrestling. She is a true believer that Games can fix our world.

As you likely know, this┬ámonth’s Circles topic is Fun Theory and Gamification. And with our prEmails, we like┬áto share Bricks and Clicks that are at least tangentially related to our topics. This month we are sharing iMessage Games. We know that many of you across the college have updated your iPhones (and some of you still may need to), but you may not be aware of the new gaming features in iMessage. Digi-know that you can play games with friends, family, and coworkers as you check in with them throughout the day? Here is a quick video to show you what we mean. (Sorry Android users, this feature is not available to you YET!, As soon as it is, you can be sure that we will update this post and share.)

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