Resetting Canvas Wiki Pages

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Some teachers like to use “Find the Flaw” challenges with their students. For example, I like to give my students a letter to fix. This is a lesson I have used in my classroom for years.¬†Long story short, I stumbled upon the following letter on a trip to the National Archives in Washington, DC. In it, a young Fidel Castro writes to President Roosevelt asking for a ten dollar bill.¬† Now that we have Canvas, I have created a page in Canvas and I have allowed my students to edit the page. This has essentially turned the page into a wiki. Next, I let them go in and fix it and we project their fixes up to the board and discuss the flaws they found and any of the ones they missed. When I am finished (or even before we discuss their changes), I use the page reset feature in Canvas to reset the page back to its pre-edited condition. Watch the video below to learn more.

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