Expedited Keyword Search in Google Chrome

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There are many reasons why Google Chrome is my go to browser. This little trick is high on the list of those reasons. This trick saves me quite a bit of time searching for stuff. When I search in Chrome, I simply type a key letter and a keyword or topic that I am looking for. For example, I type “t drones” to automatically search the TED Talk website for talks on drones, “g endowed chair” to search the The Grove at Valencia for information on endowed chairs or even “l retrieval practice” to search the Valencia Library database for articles or research on retrieval practice (Note: you will want to log into Atlas and authenticate that you have access to the library for the library trick to work fully). Basically, I have a long list of my favorite websites set up to allow me to keyword search: c = Circles of Innovation, v= Valencia, cc = Canvas Community, f = facebook, az = amazon, gi = google images, gn = google news, you get the idea.  I have now had requests from both students and colleagues for a quick how to video on how I do this expedited keyword search, so here is a quick training video for you. If you still aren’t sure what I mean, watch the short video below.

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