Getting off to a Quick Start in Canvas with Sample Courses from the Commons

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Building a course from scratch in Canvas (or any learning management system) can be very time consuming, and importing from Blackboard into Canvas may ultimately end up costing time after all the clean up work.   Additionally, the new Rubric for Online Competencies (ROC) adds numerous standards for effective online course design & delivery, including a well-developed orientation for students at the beginning of the semester.

Liza Schellpfeffer and others have developed some sample Canvas course ‘starter kits’ to help you get off to a quick start  building a course that meets the ROC standards.  The sample courses include an orientation module, a homepage, a syllabus template, and skeleton modules arranged by week or by unit, all of which you are free to edit and customize after you import them from the Canvas Commons (the ‘Commons’ button on the far left global navigation menu in Canvas).  The courses also include a resource page with links to numerous tutorials on How to Build Your Course in Canvas.

You may preview what the sample courses look like before importing them by visiting the courses here:

In the video below, Liza describes how to import one of these sample courses from the Commons into one of your Canvas sandbox spaces:

You can find thousands of other Canvas courses, quizzes, and other resources in the Canvas Commons.   You can also share your own courses or items that you have created in Canvas with others via the Commons.  See the Canvas Commons Guide for more information.


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