The Instructuregogy Wheel: Communication & Collaboration

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Snapchat Takaways – When Snapchat first started, users could only record snaps that were about 10 seconds long. Because many of our modern students use snapchat in their personal lives, teachers have started using Snapchat like video takaways for assignments. This can be used before or after class. Basically, students are asked to submit an answer to a question, but they are limited to approximately 10 seconds. Students can use the canvas app or their smartphones to upload their ideas.

Wiki’ly Spotlights – Assign students to curate/create content, edit, and post Wiki’ly Spotlights on content that you are teaching. Students can work alone or in teams, and you can make the content available for other students to view. Learn more about wikis and collaborations in Canvas

Video Introductions/Instructions/Discussions – Use the Record/Upload Media tool to quickly make and share video introductions, instructions, and change up your traditional discussion board.

Guest Speakers – Use Google hangouts or Skype to bring guest speakers into your classroom, hybrid, or online environment.

Panel Discussions – Using Google hangouts-on-air students can make and record panel discussions on certain topics within a course and post them to course wikis or discussion boards.

Narrated Assignments – Use the student app to have students narrate submissions for discussions or questions

Flipgrid – Have you heard of Flipgrid?

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