The Instructuregogy Wheel: Resources

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What resource can I use with canvas? Are there tools that can help me enhance my classes?

OERs – We continue to get requests on where and how teachers can learn more about OER. In fact, just the other day, Page and I did a OER for Business session for the division on west campus. If you are interested in learning more about OER, check out this link to a LibGuide set up by one of our Valencia Librarians.

Canvas Commons – a learning object repository that enables educators to find, import, and share resources. A digital libraryfull of educational content, Commons allows Canvas users to share learning resources with other users as well as import learning resources into a Canvas course.

Flickr – One of the best online photo management and sharing applications. Flicker was designed to help people make their photos available to the people who matter to them and to enable new ways of organizing photos and video. When you use the image search tool inside of Canvas, you are using Flickr.

Google Power User – Are you a google ninja? Well learning a few of these tricks can help you with finding great content to use with your students.

Coming Soon

The Canvas Instructuregogy Project is currently being built, and we haven’t had a chance to get everything linked up and ready for prime time, but we will have more up soon. Please check back to learn more about…

Google scholar
Google a day
Open textbooks
Question banks
and More

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