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Canvas is Coming May 2018

Canvas is coming soon!  This May.

Use this handy dandy Start of the Semester Canvas Checklist (PDF) to make sure your course is ready when the semester starts.  See also this Canvas page version of the checklist with clickable links to learn how to do all the things in the checklist.

The checklist is adapted from an openly licensed checklist created by Kona Jones as part of her Canvas training course (which we also adapted for use in our own Canvas Essentials course), with modifications and updates for Valencia.

One extra thing I’d recommend you do that is not in the checklist is to turn on the New Gradebook feature in Canvas.  Go to Settings in your Canvas course, then click the Feature Options tab at the top, and then turn on the New Gradebook option.

Canvas is working on a new gradebook that will be enabled by default later in the second quarter of this year (2018).  But I’d recommend you go ahead and turn it on now so that you can get used to it and because it has numerous improvements over the old gradebook.

Don’t forget these other courses, tutorials, videos, and other resources for learning Canvas that are available to you.  And don’t hesitate to contact a faculty developer if you have any questions or need any help.


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