Keeping Up with Canvas Updates and Community

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Once a year, Instructure hosts the InstructureCon conference in Colorado where folks can share tips and news about the Canvas learning management system.  This year’s conference starts today, and our very own James May is attending.  This year’s conference has a carnival theme, hence the “InstructureCarn” label.

You can watch the keynote speakers live online and follow updates on social media.  Search for the #InstCon hashtag on Twitter, for example.

You can also keep up with Canvas updates and interact with others using Canvas throughout the year by visiting the Canvas Community site at

Click the Login link on the top right of the Canvas Community site to login using your Valencia Canvas access. You need to login to our Canvas site first if you have not recently.  See How do I log into the Community with my Canvas account?

At the Canvas Community site, you can:

Have fun!

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