How to Embed Videos & Interactive Media in Canvas

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Have you ever wanted to embed a video or a 3rd party interactive widget in your course?  This lets students watch your video or use a 3rd party tool right in Canvas without having to open up a separate page.

Embedding Videos

There are actually 4 different ways to embed videos in Canvas.  The simplest and quickest way is to embed Youtube videos with the “insert/edit media” button on the bottom left of the editor toolbar in Canvas.  Just paste in the link to the Youtube video and it takes care of the rest.  The video below walks through how to do that, as well as the other ways to embed videos and interactive widgets that have an “embed code.”

Embedding 3rd Party Tools

Here are some other 3rd party tools that you can embed in Canvas using the embed code:

  • H5P – this is an awesome free site with dozens of free interactive widgets that you can create and embed in Canvas, including: interactive video quizzes, drag & drop quizzes, image hotspot questions, flashcards, image sequencing, speak the words, etc.  Click the “embed” button at the bottom of any H5P widget to get the embed code.
  • You can also embed Google Docs, Google Slides, and Google Sheets in Canvas
  • Other 3rd party tools support embedding like Padlet, Thinglink, Microsoft Sway, Adobe Spark, and Twitter
  • If you teach STEM, there are some tools out there that support embedding like Geogebra, PHET (physics simulations), Desmos, MathType, …
  • If you teach programming, you can embed tools like Github gists, Glitch, CodePen, etc.

Try searching for the name of a tool + “embed” or “embed code” + “canvas” or “canvaslms” to see if and how to embed it into Canvas.  Some tools have LTI integration (apps) instead of using embed codes, like FlipGrid, VoiceThread, Piazza, etc.  Go to Settings in your course and then click the Apps tab at the top to see some more examples, and see also our page on integrating publisher tools in Canvas.

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