Crowdsourcing Writing and Editing Resources in the Age of Empowerment

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During the 2018-19 academic year, the EAP team at Valencia’s East Campus piloted a method for crowdsourced, cloud-based development of free and open source supplementary writing and editing materials that could be used with EAP students at varying levels within Valencia’s EAP program. While many of Valencia’s English language learners are conversationally fluent, others still struggle with a variety of academic grammar and editing skills. The auxiliary materials were designed and developed to give students differentiated, level-based opportunities to practice these skills beyond the classroom. The team crowdsourced and edited level-based question sets for subject-verb agreement, sentence types, connectors and transitions, run-ons, comma splices, and fragments, punctuation rules, capitalization, parallel structure, and errors with modifiers. Once the question sets were developed, they were added as test banks to the Canvas learning management system and then used to create classroom practice activities, practice quizzes, graded quizzes and more. Our practice oriented session was designed to share our project, our project resources, and lessons learned from our crowdsourced and cloud-based design of content. This is the outsourced memory from that presentation. 


What exactly is this?

Now it is your turn. Help us out by sharing with us one or more of your favorite grammar errors.

Introduction to HIP

High impact practices at Valencia are additional work for faculty to improve Valencia’s effectiveness as an institution, specifically through a faculty member’s engagement in a deliberate, documented process of reflection, planning, action, and observation intended to improve student success.Learn more about High Impact Practices at Valencia.

The Origin Story

Just how did we get into all of this?

Our Process

So, how did we bring it to life? Our Google Doc


Tools & Best Practices



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Q & A

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