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A Day in the Life of Homeland Security

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This infographic provides a good summary of what mission areas the Department of Homeland Security personnel are involved in on a day-to-day basis.   It highlights the various threats to include terrorism, natural disasters and cyber attacks.  Many are not aware that the Department of Homeland Security includes the Secret Service, Federal Emergency Management Agency and […]

Cyber Warfare

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The imbedded video describes cyber warfare as a new class of weapons and war of the future that is not covered by any legal framework. It clearly states that new international laws are needed to cover this type of warfare and that these laws need to make explicit what an act of war is, when […]

Globalization and Containerization and how the Modern World was Shaped

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Globalization is an ever-increasing social phenomenon affecting nations and peoples across the globe.  It has rapidly changed and transformed our world.  The world has become a a seamless and invisible web of interconnected parts despite all the borders.  Borders do not inhibit communication, business transactions, or the transfer of money and commodities.  As the following […]