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Detailed List of Educational iPad Apps

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Special Thanks to Al Groccia for sharing this with us from his trip to the innovations conference. Click on this link or the image below to see the full list

Succeed with Math V2

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Special thanks to Al Groccia for sharing this with Circles from his trip to the Innovations Conference Welcome to the updated version of Succeed with Math! Succeed with Mathwill help you review key math concepts, and then apply these concepts to real world applications. Units available include: Math and You, Getting Down to the Basics, Numbers Everywhere, […]

Overcoming Math Anxiety Webshop

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Special thanks to Al Groccia for sharing this with us from his trip to the innovations conference Overcoming Math Anxiety: A Webshop This self-paced, interactive workshop is available to help individuals recognize and conquer math anxiety, to explore new approaches to learning math, and to discover how math experiences in the past may impact an […]

Accidental Creative

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Thanks to Lisa Macon for sharing the following book with Circles.  Accidental Creative by Todd Henry is a book about how to be brilliant and creative at a moment’s notice. We are all creatives, in some way, shape or form, expected to perform brilliantly when needed.  The techniques discussed in this book can help readers […]

Principles Whereby Teachers May Secure and Hold Interest

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Special thanks to Rhonda Atkinson for sharing this quick read with us. She first heard about W.H. Lancelot’s Principles of Interest from an Agriculture Professor at LSU–Even though the principles were developed almost a century ago, She finds them to be just as relevant today and uses them often in planning course content. Here is the link […]

Where Good Ideas Come From

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“Where Good Ideas Come From” is the inaugural event for Circles of Innovation. This series began March 26th on Valencia’s West Campus March 28th on Valencia’s East Campus April 2nd on Valencia’s Osceola Campus Mark Your Calendars and RSVP for our next edition of Circles of Innovation. Coming to East, West, and Osceola campuses on […]

Notes from the Innovations Conference

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Special thanks to Carl Creasman for sending his notes and thoughts from a session at the Innovations conference. Carl Wrote: I was in a great session at the Circles of Innovation about social media and social learning. Some of the good ideas presented: –Social learning won’t work if it is not strategic. You can’t just […]

I Won’t Hire People Who Use Poor Grammar. Here’s Why.

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This article was shared by Rebecca Newman–and highlights the importance of good spelling and grammar in the workplace. Students sometimes don’t realize how important the skills they are gaining in college transfer to the workplace. Click on the link of the image below to read more.

Students and Visuals: Inline versus Attached

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I recently sent the following message to participants in an “Engaging Online Learners” course that I was facilitating. I thought I would share the strategy here too. Hello all, as you work on your introductions, I thought you might be interested in an engagement strategy or two. When designing content for millennials, we have to […]