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Destination Circles of Innovation

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This week we challenged you to read the emails looking for pieces to the puzzle/clues for what we might have in store for you this week. Thanks for playing. Don’t miss next weeks clues! Monday’s Clue   Tuesday’s Clue In the P.S. Portion of Tuesday’s email you might have seen this quote/clue “Every great [innovative, […]

Google+ for Online Chats and Digital Office Hours

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Special thanks to Todd Conaway, an Instructional Designer from Yavapai College in Arizona, who shared with us his faculty development blog. As I was surfing his blog, I was inspired by this video and it’s relationship with things we will be showcasing at our next Circles of Innovation session. We look forward to the opportunity to work […]

Don’t Be the Lid!

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“Don’t Be the Lid” was the second event for Circles of Innovation. This series ran April 23rd on Valencia’s West Campus April 23rd on Valencia’s East Campus April 23rd on Valencia’s Osceola Campus Don’t forget to Mark Your Calendars for our next edition of Circles of Innovation. Coming to East, West, and Osceola campuses on May 21st. […]

I Want to Learn Prezi!

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Today’s students have grown up in a world of interactive motion graphics, yet classroom visuals often still take the form of static images in text or projected images in PowerPoint or Keynote slide show presentations (what some see as modern updates on 17th century information sharing – see the Magic Lantern – or click the […]

eScience Labs

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Special thanks to Rob Mccaffrey for sharing this with us from his trip to the Innovations Conference. eScience Labs LLC. provides complete and comprehensive hands-on science kits to support online and traditional courses in need of a laboratory solution. These are the same experiments you would find in a traditional academic lab, but designed and […]

SmartMeasure for Online Learning

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Special thanks to Al Groccia for sharing this from his trip to the Innovations conference. The SmarterMeasure Learning Readiness Indicator is a web-based tool which assesses a learner’s likelihood for succeeding in an online and/or technology rich learning program. SmarterMeasure indicates the degree to which an individual student possesses attributes, skills and knowledge that contribute […]

Zombies, demons part of curriculum at Lone Star College

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Special thanks to Rob McCaffrey for sharing this article with us from his trip to the Innovations Conference. Click on the image or on the following link to read more.

Detailed List of Educational iPad Apps

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Special Thanks to Al Groccia for sharing this with us from his trip to the innovations conference. Click on this link or the image below to see the full list

Succeed with Math V2

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Special thanks to Al Groccia for sharing this with Circles from his trip to the Innovations Conference Welcome to the updated version of Succeed with Math! Succeed with Mathwill help you review key math concepts, and then apply these concepts to real world applications. Units available include: Math and You, Getting Down to the Basics, Numbers Everywhere, […]