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Panono – Panoramic Ball Camera

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Josh Murdoch is constantly finding cool camera technology and sharing it. I caught this item in one of his recent slideshares. It’s a camera ball you toss into the air, and when it senses itself reaching an apex, it snaps a 360 degree panoramic photo. I imagine this would be an amazing device to take […]

14 things that are obsolete in 21st century schools | Ingvi Hrannar

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14 things that are obsolete in 21st century schools | Ingvi Hrannar. I’m testing out both the Destination homework (re-post an interesting blog post) and my new ‘Circle It’ button. There isn’t anything groundbreaking in this post, but it was a good overall affirmation about a lot of the subjects we’ve been talking about: how […]

Create customized infographics & online charts

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During Destination 2014, we did a session on the benefits of using infographics in education The session was primarily about curating infographics, but  in doing research for the session, I ran across a free, web-based infographic generator called The idea behind this tool is that you can choose a pre-made template, fill it with your own […]