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What Can be Done with Bad Teachers?

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Most teachers do not begin teaching with plans of being a ‘Bad Teacher.’ According to the “What Can Be Done with Bad Teachers?” infographic, there are three categories of teachers: low-performing, average, and irreplaceable. Only 20% are considered irreplaceable, considered to be among the best? According to the infographic, there are two schools of thought […]

What Do Students Really Remember?

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EDF2085 – Diversity for Educators: To be used at the beginning of the semester to build cultural capital; while establishing awareness of varied perspectives in a classroom. The lesson begins with a thought provoking infographic, followed by a trip down memory lane; to encourage future educators to think about the influence teachers have on students. […]

Marketing? To Reach Our Students?

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The student wonders: What is in it for me? It is the educators job to reach – to connect – the lesson to the student; to market the lesson as relevant to the student.  The Education Guru provides information regarding “Internet Marketing and Web Development in Higher Education and other tidbits” ( This site has information […]

Extemporaneous Hamsters

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The Extemporaneous Process:  To extensively  prepare and practice to deliver a conversational speech. These hamsters did not wing it and just walk out of the Kia sporting tuxes. They used the extemporaneous process to prepare and practice before presenting. This short clip is a fun way to introduce the extemporaneous process. (1.5 min) Applause (Hamsters […]

Sweaty Teacher

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What will you be remembered for as a teacher? This Ted-ed provides a great way to start the conversation on the first day of Introduction to Education (or any education course). The funny video leads to a discussion of one’s favorite teacher; or, worst teacher. The Sweaty Teacher Laments