Benevolent Contagion

Thank you for coming to our March session of Circles of Innovation. We hope you left with some good ideas for how to make your content go viral. As you know, today’s students live in a world of pernicious posts, trending tweets, ubiquitous URLs, and, of course, viral videos. This month, we looked at Jonah Berger’s work on how to make ideas go viral and asked the questions, “How can we use Jonah’s STEPPS to make our teaching and our content go viral? When it comes down to it, aren’t great teachers just benevolent contagions whose ideas spread and change the course of our collective future? What follows is the outsourced memory for this month’s session. Enjoy!

Jonah’s STEPPS

Our Prezi


Shared Viral Videos

Richard Dunn – All By Myself

FSA I’m Gonna Rock!

Will It Blend?

Friday – Rebecca Black – Official Music Video

United Breaks Guitars

Miss Teen USA Fail


Bricks & Clicks



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