The Page Build Challenge

Welcome to today’s session The Page Build Challenge. To start things off, we are going to begin with a quick check of your knowledge of some of the iconic features within Canvas. Click here or on the image to get your copy of the Iconic Guessing Game.  Then, name/label all of the features you can and be ready to share what you think they are used for. After that, we will discuss how to take the challenge.

Since everyone is at a different level, we have created a 15 task challenge. Some of you may be able to do every task quickly (if so, please help others), others may take more time (and whether they say it or not, would likely appreciate the help). Give each task a try and make sure you ask questions about things you don’t understand as you go through. We are here to help you. If you have a question, Just Ask.


1.     Search the Canvas Commons and install the Circles Page Build Challenge into one of your sandbox courses.

2.     Fix the header (center it and make it is marked as a header)

3.     Left Justify the text

4.     Make the Bacon Link more accessible to students who use screen readers

5.     Add an image from flickr

6.     Change the alt tag on the image you added

7.     Make the image play inline (justify right or left)

8.     Embed a table to make 3 pictures line up nicely (resize so they all are equal)

9.     Add a math question

10.  Add a video from an external tool

11.  Add a video from films on demand

12.  Add a Kaltura Video

13.  Embed a Youtube Video using the HTML editor

14.  Record a video or audio file and add it to the page

15.  Make your Page Build Challenge Page into your course homepage.