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History of Beer

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Summary:   Students have a hard time making ancient history relevant to their 21st-century lives.  When teaching about the Mesopotamians and Egyptians, two of the worlds oldest civilizations, I like to discuss the history of beer.  It is relevant to the 21st century, and it is informative.  Beer is actually nutritious!  Student learn that humans […]

Valencia Professor Josh Engages Educators

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One of our very own Valencia faculty members, Professor Josh as most know him, uses his blog to “engage, excite and educate.”  Professor Josh gave me my first introduction to using social media in the classroom.  Now I am hooked on how it can be used in good ways to enhance communication and student engagement […]

Writing in a Nonstop World – –

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Daily interactions with computers leave consumers new choices in “Netiquette”.   A program titled, “Quip” allows individuals to nod in agreement when an individual is speaking similarly to the “Facebook” option to “Like” a posting.  Our brave, new world of compiling and sorting data requires new platforms of learning and interacting.  Where will we go with […]

prEmailing – The Origin Story

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You may have noticed that prior to each Circle of Innovation there are a few emails that come out, usually with videos, games or useful tips. You may also have wondered, why do we send them. Well, welcome to prEmailing – the origin story. Prior to the start of Circles, the team was reading quite a […]

Think Before You Lync!

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Just got a hilarious share from Rhonda Berger at Miami Dade College. This video should really resinate with those of you who have spent time in video conference calls over the past year or two. It really makes me want to have a some conversations around the idea of “Think Before You Lync: How and When […]

Cellphones in the Classroom 1

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Thank you for attending Circles of Innovation Today. We hope you left with some valuable information, some ideas and some practical strategies that you can use with your students. Your memories for todays session have been outsourced for you below. Enjoy! Here is the Prezi David Pogue TED Talk Douglas Adams Quotes In a Student’s […]

The Four-Square Activity

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The Four Square Activity is a collaborative learning and brainstorming session.  Participants share ideas on predetermined topics in teams of four.  Here’s how it works: students are seated in groups of four with one sheet of paper that is folded lengthwise and width wise to create four areas.  (You could also provide them with a […]

Learning in the Cloud (Original Circle)

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Thank you for attending “Learning in the Cloud.” We hope you had a good time and look forward to seeing you October 22nd at our next Circle “Humor in the Classroom.” Below you will find today’s Prezi, handouts, links and more. Expert Team 3 – Here are your links        and   […]

Faculty Development Retreat 2013

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This post is for in house purposes, it will be used as part of the Faculty Development retreat on July 19th 2013, and then subsequently removed from view. If you have come across this post while visiting the Circles of Innovation website, feel free to comment. We welcome ideas.             […]