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The Teaching Professor: Bricks, Clicks, & Teacher Tricks

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Thank you for coming to our session today at The Teaching Professor Conference in St. Louis, Missouri. As we noted in our presentation,  this page is your outsourced memory for our session feel free to take our ideas and remix them and share them as you see fit. If you would like to contact either of us, please […]

The Lightboard Challenge!

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Hello from STEMtech 2014! This afternoon I went to a brilliant presentation on Lightboards from the innovative team at Humber Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning in Toronto, Canada. In the session, they shared how they are using lightboards to enhance teaching and content dissemination in flipped, hybrid & online environments. If you are not […]

Digital Learning Strategies at STEMtech 2014

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Thank you for coming to our session at STEMtech 2014. As promised, here is your outsourced memory. Please click here an email us and let us know if you have any questions. In the fall of 2013, a new course was piloted on the East Campus of Valencia College. The one credit course was SLS2930 […]

Destination: Circles Track 2014 Exit Ticket Results featuring Tagxedo

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Assessment is often a dirty word in higher education, but we’re getting better at figuring out what can/should be measured every day. On the last day of Valencia College’s annual profession development program Destination, the 2014 Circles of Innovation Track participated in a snowflake activity as an exit ticket for the five week experience. The […]

THE Initiatives

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Just saw a very interesting presentation @InnovationsConf #INNA14. Long story short, J.D. Cootz and the team at Lone Star College Montgomery were presenting on THE Initiatives (where THE =Teaching Highlighting Engagement), their new classroom space, and their new theme based courses. The courses are kind of like LinC courses but linked by themes such as […]

Notes from the Innovations Conference

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Special thanks to Carl Creasman for sending his notes and thoughts from a session at the Innovations conference. Carl Wrote: I was in a great session at the Circles of Innovation about social media and social learning. Some of the good ideas presented: –Social learning won’t work if it is not strategic. You can’t just […]