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Effective Lesson Planning

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This summer, I have been learning how to incorporate technology into my courses. The culminating project of the Circles of Innovation professional development course is to devise a threaded lesson plan.  While working on my final lesson plan, I found this 4-step guide to effective lesson planning which also incorporates technology.  Hopefully, this article and infographic […]

How to Improve English Reading Skills

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  Usually, students, and especially ESL students, find reading boring and, therefore, difficult. This blog discusses some of the problems with reading and shares some tips to help students to improve their reading skills. It discusses how reading can affect one’s grammar, writing, and vocabulary, and how it can help ESL students use English vocabulary […]

How to Find the Main Idea

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Thank you to Gina Dalle Molle for sharing this infographic with Circles of Innovation. According to her, this image presents basic steps for finding the main idea using an image as an example.  This could be an attention getter or first step before moving to finding the main idea in a paragraph.  I like the […]

To This Day – A Writing Lesson

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I teach English as a Second Language, which means I teach reading, writing, listening & speaking, and grammar. One of the best parts of my job is that I can use any subject area to spark discussion and teach these skills. Better yet, the more subject areas I use, the greater the amount of vocabulary […]

Eat That Frog!

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I recently completed the LifeMap Certificate Program  at Valencia College.   I learned ways that would help my students succeed in college.   Many of my students struggle with learning how to balance work life, school life, and personal life.  They have too much on their plate, and they don’t know how to manage their time.  Instead of spending time learning how […]

The Mystery of English Spelling

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I teach English as a Second Language. English spelling and vocabulary give students a lot of trouble and are sources of great stress.  Spelling and vocabulary can be thought of as two different skill sets yet are also intertwined.  I used this in class, and I think it could be useful in either a unit on […]

It’s a Rap: English Lesson Music Videos Your Students Won’t Forget

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Many of us grew up on “School House Rock”. How many of you can still remember the words to “Conjunction Junction”?  Supplement your English class lesson plans with these fun music videos. To get to the whole collection just put in the search word “Flocabulary”.  You will find many great videos on a variety of […]