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Infographic: Students Like Social Media

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To demonstrate how to post to circles, I put together a short sample video using this infographic. It has some interesting statistics that could be used to spark some interesting conversations about digital shift and how our as teachers continues to change. Enjoy the infographic.

IM:\>2 Walkabout Ideas from TED

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The graphic to the left, and the title sake of this post is pronounced “impromptu.” For those of you not used to text speak…the IM  sounds like M, :\> represents the old DOS prompt (giving us M Prompt) and the last sound is 2 (two) which could represent second try, second session, or speaking with […]

SpaceX and the Future Tense

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Ever wish you had majored in a different field? After watching the video of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 reusable rocket, part of me wishes I had spent more time on my math homework. The video below is the Falcon 9 Reusable (F9R) taking its first test flight at the SpaceX rocket development facility. F9R lifts off from […]

Rethinking Cellphone Policies

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Special thanks to Al Groccia who shared this with Circles. The video below makes for a great conversations starter with respect to the conversation of cellphones in the classroom. Long story short, up until this April fools stunt, this teacher’s policy was that if a phone rings in class the student must answer it on speakerphone. […]

Muscle from Fishing Line?

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Ok science types, it is time to get into those labs, garages, or hacker spaces and play (I mean study/learn). The video below is a demonstration of how to make heat reactive muscle fibers from twisted fishing line.”The application opportunities for these polymer muscles are vast,” said Ray Baughman, a materials scientist at the University […]

Think Before You Lync!

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Just got a hilarious share from Rhonda Berger at Miami Dade College. This video should really resinate with those of you who have spent time in video conference calls over the past year or two. It really makes me want to have a some conversations around the idea of “Think Before You Lync: How and When […]

Success in the New Economy

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Special thanks to Leonard Bass for sharing this wonderful and thought provoking video with Circles. Direction and Motion Graphics: Brian Y. Marsh Written and Narrated by: Kevin Fleming Citrus College supported the production of “Success in the New Economy” to help a broader audience begin to understand preparation today for tomorrow’s labor market realities. The […]

Mr Splashy Pants

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Many of you know I am a big fan of TED Talks, I am also a fan of Social Media so a fun TED Talk on Social Media, come on. This quick talk really demonstrates the speed, power, and influence of social media in the 21st century. Would you like to create your own version […]

Using Comic Strips as Cognitive Sparks

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Are you looking for a new way to start conversations around the content you teach? Have you ever considered adopting and adapting a funny comic strip to suit your needs? Today, it is easier than ever to develop your own comics. It is fun, it is free, and most importantly, students seem to find it […]