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Mindful Moments: 50 Micro-Activites for Energizing the College Classroom

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I just went to a very interesting presentation @InnovationsConf #INNA14 about Teaching with the Brain in Mind: What Neuroscience Can – and Cannot – Tell Us About How Students Learn.  Dr. Amy Marin’s work actually came from some work she did for a Cross Papers Fellowship Monograph.   As part of the presentation, she gave out […]

Exploring Virtual Worlds through Minecraft

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Special thanks to Humanities Instructor Kaylin Evans for sharing this creative idea with Circles. For a long time, Kaylin has wanted to build a game that would immerse students in the Humanities and “Bring Things to Life”. Kaylin doesn’t consider herself all that techy and because she wasn’t sure how to build the games, like many […]

I just don’t know how to use them yet…

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PIL – The Freshmen Studies … is what Freshman are saying about research resources as they move from high school to college.  With Valencia College focusing on the New Student Experience course, the new report that just came out from Project Information Literacy (PIL) is critical information at a critical time.  Learning the Ropes: How […]

Mail Merge with Images

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Special thanks to Jenelle Conner for sharing a quick an easy way to use mail merge to make event badges. In this video tutorial she shows how she helped us mail merge our badge image with the long list of people who have RSVP’d for  TEDxValenciaCollegeWomen.

The Four-Square Activity

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The Four Square Activity is a collaborative learning and brainstorming session.  Participants share ideas on predetermined topics in teams of four.  Here’s how it works: students are seated in groups of four with one sheet of paper that is folded lengthwise and width wise to create four areas.  (You could also provide them with a […] – Crowd-Sourced Captioning and Translation of Video

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In the video-on-demand classroom of today, many teachers have curated a wide variety of videos to help support instruction. Unfortunately, many of these videos are not accessible by all students, something we have the ability to fix. gives teachers the tools they need to make their favorite videos accessible to students. Special thanks to […]

Using Comic Strips as Cognitive Sparks

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Are you looking for a new way to start conversations around the content you teach? Have you ever considered adopting and adapting a funny comic strip to suit your needs? Today, it is easier than ever to develop your own comics. It is fun, it is free, and most importantly, students seem to find it […]

Seven Ways to Integrate Information Literacy Instruction into Your Course or Program

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If you would like a PDF handout of this page, click here.  Embedded Librarian What is it? Most often used in an online course setting, this involves providing a librarian with access to your Blackboard course. The librarian makes regular appearances in the course, can facilitate discussions, answer questions, and sometimes even contribute library-related assignments […]

QR Code: What is it, and how can it help students?

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So, what is it? Alright, so maybe you haven’t heard of QR Code, but chances are you soon will. With the proliferation of smartphones and pad technologies (all now including auto-focusing cameras), you will begin to see QR codes everywhere. So, what is it? The quick answer is that QR (or Quick Response) code is […]