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Extemporaneous Hamsters

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The Extemporaneous Process:  To extensively  prepare and practice to deliver a conversational speech. These hamsters did not wing it and just walk out of the Kia sporting tuxes. They used the extemporaneous process to prepare and practice before presenting. This short clip is a fun way to introduce the extemporaneous process. (1.5 min) Applause (Hamsters […]

Destination – Circles of Innovation Week 2

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In our week two emails, we challenged you to search for clues, much like we are going to challenge you to search for content this week as we curate great content from the web. If you missed them, here are the clues we sent. This Week’s Emails Monday’s Good Read – Mark Prensky – Digital Natives, Digital […]

Valencia Professor Josh Engages Educators

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One of our very own Valencia faculty members, Professor Josh as most know him, uses his blog to “engage, excite and educate.”  Professor Josh gave me my first introduction to using social media in the classroom.  Now I am hooked on how it can be used in good ways to enhance communication and student engagement […]

Author – Contributor Training

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This page was designed to help Destination Circles of Innovation participants become Circles of Innovation Authors or Contributors. If you have already activated your Multi Sites access, then please go to this link and log in to the Circles of Innovation website with your Valencia Log In and Password (the same one you use to […]

I Want to Learn Prezi!

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Today’s students have grown up in a world of interactive motion graphics, yet classroom visuals often still take the form of static images in text or projected images in PowerPoint or Keynote slide show presentations (what some see as modern updates on 17th century information sharing – see the Magic Lantern – or click the […]