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Which Disney Park Is The Happiest? [Infographic]

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This is avery interesting marketing infographic tool that Disney has used to compare different factors that attract visitors to the parks in Florida, California, France, and Japan. Disney world in Florida is the largest with the most selections of entertainments and hotels. I thought it is a very informative marketing tool.

Yoga Blog Post (Buffy Pilloud)

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I have the pleasure of sharing a blog site that my good friend, Buffy Pilloud, found.  The blog is called, “Daily Cup of Yoga.”  This blog site is filled with wonderful articles, resources, apps, videos, and more.  I have tried yoga a few times before, but I never realized all of the resources that are […]


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Thanks to Reneva Walker for this post: Need some suggestions on how to incorporate technology in your class? Read what other educators are doing…this captured my attention. Top Ten Technology Blogs for Education

Big Changes at Google (Not Really)

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Google has made some big (not!) changes to their logo. (Hey- when you have billions in the bank, you can do this at will). Hear the radio story at:

Destination: Circles of Innovation Week 4

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Welcome to Week 4: Innovative Strategies. We have a lot of fun ideas to share and look forward to hearing your thoughts, experiences, & contributions as well. Remember, learning from each other is a foundational piece of Circles of Innovation. Who said innovation had to be digital? This week we are going Brick & Mortar. You […]

Storytelling vs Corporate Speak

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When I saw this infographic, I immediately transferred the word ‘Lecture’ where the author put Corporate. This is an interesting and revealing way to evaluate our own communication style in presenting course content to our students.   <iframe src=”” width=”479″ height=”1766″ frameborder=”0″ marginwidth=”0″ marginheight=”0″ scrolling=”no” style=”border:1px solid #CCC; border-width:1px 1px 0; margin-bottom:5px; max-width: 100%;” allowfullscreen> […]