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The Student Assessment of Instruction (SAI) Overview

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If you would like a PDF version of this document, click here. Each term students complete the Student Assessment of Instruction (SAI) online through CoursEval—this is Valencia College’s course evaluation survey, allowing students to provide feedback related to their experiences in our classes. Students are able to take this survey on their computers, mobile phones, […]

Information Literacy Resources for Faculty

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If you would like a PDF version of this document, click here. The following resources may be helpful in building an information literacy assessment plan. An Essential Partner: The Librarian’s Role in Student Learning Assessment  (NILOA Occasional Paper No. 14.) This paper by Debra Gilchrist and Megan Oakleaf (2012, April), reports on ways that […]

Deep Learning vs. Surface Learning

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Click here for a PDF handout of this page Deep Learning Surface Learning Examining new facts and ideas critically, tying them into existing cognitive structures and making numerous links between ideas. Accepting new facts and ideas uncritically and attempting to store them as isolated, unconnected items. Characteristics: Looking for meaning. Focusing on the central argument […]

Bloom’s Taxonomy

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Click here for the PDF Version of this document.  Bloom’s Taxonomy came about as a result of a committee of psychologists headed by Benjamin Bloom in 1956. Three areas were identified as key domains. The cognitive – knowledge based domain, consisting of six levels The affective – attitudinal based domain, consisting of five levels The […]

TED Talks, Reads, Writes, and Solves Equations

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Introduction Hello and welcome to TED Talks, Reads, Writes, and Solves Equations! This FREE and Creative Commons licensed content is the result of a team effort at Valencia to try to harness the engaging power of video while simultaneously reducing textbook costs and allowing students to work on their developing reading and writing skills. This work […]

Destination Circles of Innovation

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This week we challenged you to read the emails looking for pieces to the puzzle/clues for what we might have in store for you this week. Thanks for playing. Don’t miss next weeks clues! Monday’s Clue   Tuesday’s Clue In the P.S. Portion of Tuesday’s email you might have seen this quote/clue “Every great [innovative, […]

Where Good Ideas Come From

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“Where Good Ideas Come From” is the inaugural event for Circles of Innovation. This series began March 26th on Valencia’s West Campus March 28th on Valencia’s East Campus April 2nd on Valencia’s Osceola Campus Mark Your Calendars and RSVP for our next edition of Circles of Innovation. Coming to East, West, and Osceola campuses on […]

How to Sign Up for Circles of Innovation

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Use this link to RSVP your interest in attending Circles of Innovation in April 23rd Circles of Innovation is a new faculty development opportunity at Valencia. It is an attempt to create spaces at the college where self-directed faculty, those driven by a sense of mastery and common purpose, can come to mingle, contribute, collaborate, […]

How can I share with Circles of Innovation?

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Are you interested in helping or contributing to Circles of Innovation? We would love to have your input, ideas, links, & content, and there are a variety of ways you can help. The easiest way to help would be to surf the site and rank the content by clicking on the star ratings at the […]

Hello world!

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