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Circles of Innovation: Milk

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Special thanks to Rob McCaffrey, James May, John DiDonna, the student volunteers and everyone else who helped out in the making of this film short.

Bloom’s Taxonomy

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Special Thanks to Rhonda Atkinson for sharing these videos with Circles Bloom’s Taxonomy is a classification of learning objectives proposed in 1956 by a committee of educators chaired by Benjamin Bloom. The Taxonomy has long been considered to be a foundational and essential element within the education community. A mythology has grown around the taxonomy, possibly due to many people learning […]

Students and Visuals: Inline versus Attached

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I recently sent the following message to participants in an “Engaging Online Learners” course that I was facilitating. I thought I would share the strategy here too. Hello all, as you work on your introductions, I thought you might be interested in an engagement strategy or two. When designing content for millennials, we have to […]