Don’t Be the Lid!

“Don’t Be the Lid” was the second event for Circles of Innovation. This series ran

  • April 23rd on Valencia’s West Campus
  • April 23rd on Valencia’s East Campus
  • April 23rd on Valencia’s Osceola Campus

Don’t forget to Mark Your Calendars for our next edition of Circles of Innovation. Coming to East, West, and Osceola campuses on May 21st.

In today’s session we discussed Ice Breakers, Enhanced Google Searches,  The Pygmalion Effect, Thin-Slicing, Making YouTube Videos & the Concept of prEmail. The Prezi for today’s session is below.


Our pre-discussion Spark was “Training Flees”

Feel free to watch it now, and ask yourself and others at the college the following questions.

  • In what ways are our school and classroom policies “The Lid”?
  • In what ways are our textbooks and content delivery systems (Blackboard) “The Lid”?
  • In what ways are teachers “The Lid” in the classroom?

In today’s session we also shared a few teaching strategies and some pedagogical reasoning for using them:

Ice Breakers: Structured activities that are designed to relax learners, introduce them to each other, and energize them in what is normally an unduly formal atmosphere or situation.

Here is the word document for the Ice Breaker we did in session called  “Flurry of Ideas.” You can also click on the image below

As you prepare for the start of your summer semester, please feel free to check with your campus faculty development center staff on ideas for Ice Breakers.We have also shared a few links with you below.

Remember that you could also do an advanced Google search for Ice Breaker activities (or anything else for that matter) by typing filetype:pdf and then your search items into Google. In the session, we shared the following info-graphic to show you how to Get More Out of Google. Click on the image to see the full graphic. (You may need to click the image again to zoom in).

You can also learn how to Rock a Google Search from this SoftChalk Module!

We also shared a little bit of the research behind the reasoning for why you might want to do IceBreakers & prEmails.  Here are citations for some of the studies we discussed. If you are Valencia Faculty or Staff, open a new window, log in to your Atlas account and click on the search the library link. After you do that, the Feldman/Ambady links below, will take you directly to the articles if you would like to read them (The video below explains this). If you are interested in reading the Older Rosenthal study, you can also get that through our Library (the link below takes you to Amazon).

Rosenthal, R., & Jacobson, L. (1968). Pygmalion in the classroom; : teacher expectation and pupils’ intellectual development. New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston.

Feldman, R. S., & Prohaska, T. (1979). The student as Pygmalion: Effect of student expectation on the teacher.Journal Of Educational Psychology, 71(4), 485-493.

Ambady, N., & Rosenthal, R. (1993). Half a minute: Predicting teacher evaluations from thin slices of nonverbal behavior and physical attractiveness. Journal Of Personality And Social Psychology, 64(3), 431-441.

We also shared the concept of prE-mail. Here is the handout; You can also click on the image below.