Fun with Greenscreen

Thanks for coming to our session on Fun with Greenscreen. I hope you got some good ideas and are looking forward to trying some things out. Please remember that you are welcome to contact Michael Maguire on West, or Gary Kokaisel on Osceola to schedule appoints to work in either of our greenscreen studios. You can also now go to each of the Campus Centers for Teaching and Learning to check out the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Greenscreen Kits.

Osceola Studio


West Campus Studio



We have pop out greenscreens and iPads with easy to use Greenscreen software installed. (The Video On Demand instructions for using the software are posted below)

Our Prezi

Video-On-Demand Instructions for using the Greenscreen App on the iPad


Cheap and Easy Greenscreening

Examples of Others Using Greenscreen

Valencia teachers playing with the technology at Destination Circles of Innovation 2014


A video introduction to a course


Using Greenscreen to teach


Using Greenscreen with Students