Where Good Ideas Come From

“Where Good Ideas Come From” is the inaugural event for Circles of Innovation. This series began

  • March 26th on Valencia’s West Campus
  • March 28th on Valencia’s East Campus
  • April 2nd on Valencia’s Osceola Campus

Mark Your Calendars and RSVP for our next edition of Circles of Innovation. Coming to East, West, and Osceola campuses on April 23rd.

In Today’s Session We Discussed the Slow Hunch, Backchanneling & Understoodit.com, and Kooshing the Envelope. 


Our pre-discussion Spark was Steven Johnson’s Talk regarding “Where Good Ideas Come From”


Feel free to watch it now, and ask yourself and others at the college the following questions.

  • What kinds of things is Valencia doing to create environments where slow hunches can collide? What could we do better?
  • What are you doing as a professor to make sure your ideas collide with those of others across the college?
  • What are you doing to create environments both in and outside of your classrooms where students have the opportunity to let their ideas collide?
  • What can we do to increase idea collisions in digital spaces?

We also shared two teaching strategies:

Backchanneling allows teachers to know in live time what students or presentation participants are thinking. In the session we worked with http://understoodit.com. If you would like to learn more, please go to your campus faculty support center and ask about Circles of Innovation.

We also discussed “Kooshing the Envelope”, a tactile-kinesthetic engagement strategy. Here is the Kooshing handout.