This year Circles of Innovation is being repurposed to help with the Canvas transition. For those of you who have not yet had an opportunity to check us out, Circles of Innovation (Circles for short) is a faculty development opportunity “Where good ideas collide and great discoveries are made possible!” We invite you to join us for one hour each month to explore innovative ideas and try out collaborative and creative techniques designed to enhance teaching. As always, every session will have practical Brick and Click (aka both traditional and digital) teaching strategies that you can adopt, adapt, and apply in your own classroom. For those of you who would like to RSVP and add Circles to your professional development plan, check us out in the Edge. To learn more about that watch the short video below or, click here.

Session 1: Starting Right in Canvas

Does the Blackboard to Canvas transition have you tied up in knots? Are you looking to start right, but are not sure where to begin? Would you like some tips and tricks on how best to roll your Blackboard content to Canvas? Might we suggest…


The Detangling Solution designed for faculty all tangled up in the Blackboard to Canvas Transition

Ok, so this product doesn’t technically exist, but this month the Circles Team will begin hosting sessions on Starting Right in Canvas. If you have questions and are interested in having some fun while learning where to begin? What key resources are important to a good start in Canvas? What learning experiences will help you and your students hit the ground running? This month’s Circle is for you. The team will be sharing tools and techniques for Starting Right in Canvas. Whether you are brand new to Canvas or you are an experienced online teacher, we hope you will come out and join us for Circles of Innovation.

Session 2: The Page Build Challenge

This interactive hands-on session is designed to better familiarize faculty with page design in Canvas. How should I be designing? What are the adjacent possibilities for my content?  From the introductory iconic guessing game through resetting your homepage in Canvas, this fast pace session will get you ready for 21st century inline design. This session is differentiated for a variety of learning levels, and we welcome beginning through advanced Canvas users. So, if you are ready to have some fun and learn some new tricks, we hope you will join us for The Page Build Challenge.

Sessions 3 & 4: These sessions are still TBD

Are you looking for something specific? Please let us know. 

Starting Right in Canvas

Oct 26th     1pm – 2pm      Lake Nona Campus 1 – 101

Nov 2nd     1pm – 2pm      Poinciana 1 – 204

Nov 7th      1pm – 2pm      West Campus

Nov 9th      1pm – 2pm      Osceola Campus 4-304

Nov 9th      6pm – 7pm      Winter Park Campus  143

Nov 10th     1pm – 2pm      East Campus 6-203

Nov 16th     6pm – 7pm      East Campus  6-203

Nov 30th    6pm – 7pm      West Campus  6-327C

The Page Build Challenge

Nov 28th     1pm – 2pm     Lake Nona 1-121

Nov 30th    2pm – 3pm      Poinciana 1 – 204

Dec 1st      1pm – 2pm      East Campus  6-203

Dec 8th      1pm – 2pm      Winter Park Campus  143


Circles Topics TBD

Jan 23rd    1pm – 2pm      Lake Nona  1 – 101

Jan 25th     1pm – 2pm      Osceola  TBD

Feb 2oth   1pm – 2pm      Lake Nona  TBD  1-101

Feb 27th   2pm – 3pm      Poinciana 1 – 204