During the 2019-20 academic year,  Circles of Innovation will continue to do our best to help faculty make the most of Canvas. Inspired by YouTube, Netflix, and our collective preference for binge watching, we are building on last year’s options with some new Video-On-Demand Digi-Knows for your students. Our Fall Webinar dates and times are listed below. Remember though, you have to register for the webinars if you would like to attend. Once registered for the webinar, the Circles team will make sure you are connected in Canvas.

Navigating the New Canvas Grade Book

This action packed 1hr webinar is designed to share tips, tricks, and best practicesfor using the New Canvas Grade Book. Have you been wondering about that new “Eye of Sauron” in your Canvas grade book? Not sure about the new grade posting policy tools? Want to learn a few ways to speed up work flows and communicate better with your students? In this session, we will feature the New Grade Book; model a variety of quizzes, assignments, and assessment practices and the easiest workflows for adding them to the grade book; demonstrate techniques for using SpeedGrader to enhance efficiency and improve communication with students; and further showcase a variety of little-known new grade book features.

Special Note: This is NOT a repeat session of “Using the Canvas Grade Book: Tips, Tricks & Best Practices” from last year. This new webinar offers updated content and can be taken for additional PD Credit related to Canvas and the Canvas grade book.

Saturday Morning (9 to 10am) – Saturday October 19th

MW Evening (7 to 8pm) – Monday October 21st

TR Evening (7 to 8pm) – Thursday Oct 24th

MW Day (1pm – 2pm) – Wednesday Dec 4th

TR Day (1pm – 2pm) – Tuesday Nov 5th


Should UDOIT? Learn Why You Should Be Using the Universal Design Online content Inspection Tool

UDOIT (pronounced, “You Do It”) or the Universal Design Online content Inspection Tool enables faculty to identify accessibility issues in their Canvas courses. This easy to use tool scans your course, generates a report, and provides resources and suggestions for how to address common accessibility issues in Canvas. This 1hr webinar session gives an overview of the UDOIT tool and offers best practices for enhancing your online content and making sure your content is accessible for all students.

Saturday Morning (9 to 10am) – Saturday Nov 2nd

MW Evening (7 to 8pm) – Monday Nov 11th

TR Evening (7 to 8pm) – Thursday Nov 21st

MW Day (1pm – 2pm) – Wed Nov 20th

TR Day (1pm – 2pm) – Tuesday Dec. 3rd