Starting Right in Canvas

Tied Up In Knots – A Challenge

Does the Blackboard to Canvas transition have you tied up in knots? Are you looking to start right, but are not sure where to begin? Would you like some tips and tricks on how best to roll your Blackboard content to Canvas? Might we suggest…


The Detangling Solution designed for faculty all tangled up in the Blackboard to Canvas Transition

Outsourced Memory

Thanks for coming to our session today. Here below you will find all of the content and strategies we shared. You may recall us starting with the Tied Up in Knots Challenge. Then we moved on to detangling solutions. Don’t forget! During our transition to Canvas, if you need help at any time, simply click on the help button in Canvas for a variety of options, or for even faster help, try this expedited Google search trick. If you still can’t find the answer you are looking for, click here and ask the Circles team to help you find one. 


Best Practices for Exporting and Importing Content into Canvas

We discussed a variety of ways to transition your content into Canvas, each with its own strengths and weaknesses.

  • Direct Export from Blackboard into Canvas
  • Content Redesign in Canvas using a Blackboard Dump & Delete
  • Content Redesign in Canvas using a Blackboard Dump & Drill
  • Designing in Canvas from Scratch
  • Designing in Canvas from the Commons
  • Hybrid Methods of Import and Design

Since many of you have asked to see how to do a direct export from Blackboard. The Circles team has put together the following GIF tutorial. Each of the Gifs below have a brief description followed by a recap GIF of each technique.

This first GIF shows you how to export a course as a ZIP file from Blackboard



After you have created the export package in Blackboard, you may need to click on the refresh button if it doesn’t automatically appear. After you refresh, you will be able to download the export ZIP. Be sure to remember what you call the ZIP and where you store it on your computer. The gif below gives you a quick recap of how to do that.



Now that you have the export ZIP, you are going to want to import it into Canvas. To do this. Log in to the course you plan to import the content to, click on the settings button, and click on the import course content button. From there, you can tell Canvas where to find your saved ZIP and import the Blackboard Export into Canvas. The gif below gives you a quick recap of how to do that.



What if you import something you don’t want? What if you import from the commons and decide “Nope! I just want to reset this entire course!” Well, in this case, you need to know where the reset button is. However, be careful with this tool. Once you reset, there is no way to get the content back, it will be permanently deleted. 



Tips and Tricks

How to add Gifs to Course Cards

Five things you should know about the Canvas Syllabus (Video Below)