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The practice of using computers to maintain live-time or near live-time conversations alongside live events. The term was coined in the field of Linguistics to describe listeners’ behaviors during verbal communication, Victor Yngve 1970. In the classroom, a “backchannel” provides teachers valuable feedback and helps to better engage students. Today’s Meet is a backchannel  where […]

Circles as a Commonplace Book

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In early modern Europe, commonplace books (or commonplaces) were used to compile knowledge. They were essentially scrapbooks filled with everything educated writers didn’t want to forget: medical recipes, quotes, letters, poems, tables of weights and measures, proverbs, prayers, legal formulas etc. And these books often housed collections of materials along a common theme. By the […]

Cellphones in the classroom by James May

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Thank you James for your presentation at Valencia’s Learning Day and for being willing to share it here with Circles of Innovation. In the short time I had to speak, I very briefly dropped the idea of how to use QR code and Backchanneling. The video below gives a very quick (down and dirty) example […]