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A Better Mousetrap – New Product Development Gone Wild

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I love to listen to the stories on “This American Life” recorded by Ira Glass and colleagues at WBEZ, the NPR affiliate in Chicago. So many funny, and sad, anecdotes from real life. This is a great account (verbal only) of people trying to build a “better mousetrap.”

Is the Consumer Changing?

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A TED Talk by John Gerzema. Although dated (from the depths of the financial crisis in 2009), this is a thoughtful look at consumer behavior and how it can adapt to market changes.

1800 Girl Power

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  The real origin of the franchise. Narrated by Sir Harold Evans (5:48) Description: One of the most successful business models is the franchise, but it didn’t originate with McDonald’s. Sir Harold Evans describes the remarkable story of a beauty salon that allowed hundreds of women to own their own businesses.

amazon-zilla – Retail Revolution

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This infographic always seems to spark a lively debate about the good and bad points of amazon.  I use it in discussing strategy and the concept of disruption in an industry, which causes all competitors to re-evaluate their business models.  It’s also very useful in a discussion about retailing today. The graphic is available at […]