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Crowdsourcing Writing and Editing Resources in the Age of Empowerment

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During the 2018-19 academic year, the EAP team at Valencia’s East Campus piloted a method for crowdsourced, cloud-based development of free and open source supplementary writing and editing materials that could be used with EAP students at varying levels within Valencia’s EAP program. While many of Valencia’s English language learners are conversationally fluent, others still […]

Code Name Gandolf

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How many apps are there currently in the leading App Stores? 10*8*5*50 = No way to catch up or stay ahead using 20th century models of work. We need to do a better job of crowdsourcing. Who is this? Question: What is the more common name of the project with the code name “Gandolf”? Answer: Microsoft […] – Crowd-Sourced Captioning and Translation of Video

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In the video-on-demand classroom of today, many teachers have curated a wide variety of videos to help support instruction. Unfortunately, many of these videos are not accessible by all students, something we have the ability to fix. gives teachers the tools they need to make their favorite videos accessible to students. Special thanks to […]