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R.I.P. Print?

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Is print dead? Print is not dead.  Rumors of its death have been greatly exaggerated.  The economics of the publishing industry, which of course includes e-publishing, is one of the reasons print will be with us for a long time to come.  If you’d like to listen to a discussion of this issue, NPR aired […]

The Rise of the Mobile Addict

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I follow a blogger, librarian, consultant named Stephen Abrams who has a blogged named Stephen’s Lighthouse: Illuminating library industry trends, innovation and information. Many of his posts are items he’s currated from other websites. It’s a wonderful blog for anyone interested in the link between society and technology.  This specific post I’d like to share […]

Information Literacy Resources for Faculty

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If you would like a PDF version of this document, click here. The following resources may be helpful in building an information literacy assessment plan. An Essential Partner: The Librarian’s Role in Student Learning Assessment  (NILOA Occasional Paper No. 14.) This paper by Debra Gilchrist and Megan Oakleaf (2012, April), reports on ways that […]

Seven Ways to Integrate Information Literacy Instruction into Your Course or Program

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If you would like a PDF handout of this page, click here.  Embedded Librarian What is it? Most often used in an online course setting, this involves providing a librarian with access to your Blackboard course. The librarian makes regular appearances in the course, can facilitate discussions, answer questions, and sometimes even contribute library-related assignments […]