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Marketing? To Reach Our Students?

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The student wonders: What is in it for me? It is the educators job to reach – to connect – the lesson to the student; to market the lesson as relevant to the student.  The Education Guru provides information regarding “Internet Marketing and Web Development in Higher Education and other tidbits” ( This site has information […]

Mangos – Final Project

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Jan Mangos  Title: The Past and Future of New Product Development – Edsels to iPads Class: MAR 2011 (Principles of Marketing). On-ground format. Time Frame: Evening Class Introduction: New product development (NPD) is an integral part of the study of Marketing, and students seem to enjoy the topic. It’s a consideration of the past, present, […]

A Better Mousetrap – New Product Development Gone Wild

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I love to listen to the stories on “This American Life” recorded by Ira Glass and colleagues at WBEZ, the NPR affiliate in Chicago. So many funny, and sad, anecdotes from real life. This is a great account (verbal only) of people trying to build a “better mousetrap.”

Is the Consumer Changing?

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A TED Talk by John Gerzema. Although dated (from the depths of the financial crisis in 2009), this is a thoughtful look at consumer behavior and how it can adapt to market changes.

Is Marketing EVIL?

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Many people think the modern practice of Marketing promotes unrealistic consumer expectations, inequality in society, and waste. What are your thoughts? Here’s a thought-provoking video on the matter. Consumed – Is Our Consumer Culture Leading to Disaster? – YouTube.