The Open World

Don’t forget!!! March 27th through the 31st is Open Education Week 2017

Thank you for joining us for our session on the open educational resources (OER) movement. Below you will find your outsourced memory of online repositories, curriculum-sharing websites, sources for lesson plans and activities, and open alternatives to textbooks, which are free for educators to reuse, revise, remix, and redistribute under legally recognized open licenses.

How to Start a Movement

What does OER mean to you?


Thoughts to Consider

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Design for 21st Century, Transactive Thinking

Try not to repackage 21st century tools as 20th century teaching artifacts.

Be transparent with best practices for using your content after they leave your course.

Fix, Remix, & Add Tricks

Chunk content into digestible pieces. Chunk – Challenge – Chew – Check

Enhance with  video and sound.

Model  Discipline Specific Tools & Tricks for thinking and research

Keep Learning Active.

What are you having students do?

What tools will they be using while doing it?

Consider Crowdsourcing Your Build

Collaborate with colleagues.

Have your students help you enhance your content.

Analyze Your Analytics & Adapt

Make use of EdPuzzle.

Make use Forms and Surveys.

Skills Commons

OER Commons

Valencia Lib Guides

Khan Academy

Read Theory

YouTube Creative Commons Video Editor

Meet the Canvas Commons

Meet Canvas Commons from Canvas LMS on Vimeo.